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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • How do I enroll my child in the High School?
    • Norwin uses an online registration process. Parents and guardians can access the New Student Registration page by clicking on the link below.
    • New Student Registration
      • It is important that when coming to the high school for your registration appointment that you have all materials listed on the registration site. We cannot register you if you do not have all of the materials. 

  • How do current students request transcripts?
    • You can request a transcript via the transcript request form found by clicking here

  • Where do students register for tests such as the SAT?
    • Students can access registration for the SAT at
    • Students can access registration for the ACT at
    • Students register for the PSAT through the Guidance Office. This information will be shared with student via Skyward messages. 

  • How do I request transcripts after I graduate?
    • Please submit your request utilizing the transcript request form which can be found by clicking here
  • How does a student see his/her counselor?
    • Students can request to see their counselor after checking into homeroom in the morning, in between periods, or by asking for a pass.

  • Is there a timeline for what my high school senior should be doing?
    • Information will be shared with each senior during the senior meetings that take place the first few weeks of school.

  • What are graduation requirements?
    • Graduation from Norwin High School is based upon the successful completion of a minimum of 25.0 credits in Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 and demonstration of proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics. Because the Norwin School District curriculum is aligned with the Pennsylvania Academic Standards and Assessment Anchors, as well as the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards successful completion of the District’s academic requirements enable any Norwin student who has demonstrated proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics to graduate from Norwin High School. The requirements are 25.0 credits, divided as follows:


4.5 credits


3.0 courses


3.0 courses


Students must take Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

4.0 credits

Social Studies

2.0 credits

Arts or Humanities or both

0.5 credit


1.0 credits

Physical Education

5.0 credits


1.0 credit

Keystone Exams

The previously listed courses are the required courses necessary for graduation. Should a student fail any of these required courses, they must be repeated either in summer school, if available, or the following academic year in order for a student to remain on schedule to receive a Norwin High School Diploma. Students who take summer school courses will receive a Pass or Fail (P or F) on their transcript.
  • I left a message (phone or email) for the guidance counselor and I haven't heard back from him/her. When should I expect to hear back from the counselor?
    • The counselors will make a conscientious effort to return phone calls as promptly as possible given the nature of our work with students.

  • How are the Keystone Exams reported on my transcript?
    • Graduation from Norwin High School will be based on the successful completion of 25.0 credits. The one additional credit will be awarded upon the completion of the 11th grade Keystone in biology, literature, and Algebra I. Each test will carry 1/3 credit weight.
    • .33 Biology credit  +  .33 Literature credit  +  .34 Algebra I credit  = 1.0 credit
    • The District will assign a percentage grade to each Keystone score as follows: Advanced = 100% (A), Proficient = 91% (B), Basic = 81% (C), Below Basic = 69% (D)
    • These grades will appear on the students’ report cards and transcripts during the senior year. Students who are not proficient on the Keystone Exams will retake them during the school year. Students will be required to participate in remediation provided through the school.