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The Norwin School District World Language Department believes that it is our responsibility to prepare students to be successful in an ever-changing global environment. Our program prepares students for the challenges of higher education by providing a rigorous curriculum in a second language but in a risk-free environment. By using a mix of contemporary cultural activities and grammar our students learn to speak, read, listen and write in a second language while they develop an understanding and compassion for cultures other than their own. As educators we also encourage and support students inside and outside the classroom as they further develop their language skills, critical thinking skills and ability to cooperate with others. We accomplish this by incorporating the following components into our program:


Communication- comprehending what is read and heard and being understood when

                        one speaks and writes

Culture- appreciating the culture and traditions of the people who speak the language

Connections- acquiring and reinforcing knowledge of other disciplines through the study 

                   of the target language


Comparisons – relating the study of the target language to the student’s own language and



Communities- cultivating responsible and productive citizens of the world

Critical Thinking- developing the ability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate information