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Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation


Letters of recommendation may be needed for applications to colleges, universities, scholarships, and employment.  As a piece of advice, get involved in your school and in your community.  The benefits will pay off tremendously. 


If at all possible, please come and see me in person to ask for a letter of recommendation (it is always a pleasure seeing former students).  I will provide you with a form to fill out that can help me to personalize your letter.  Please be as specific as possible.  I try to write a general letter that can be used for multiple recipients, unless there is a necessity for it to be individualized.  Some important things that I need know are:

  •      The major you are pursuing
  •      Clubs and Organizations that you belong to at Norwin High School (for example, National Honor Society, Interact, etc.)
  •      Athletic teams that you are a member of
  •      Activities that you have volunteered for (for example, Race for Grace, Relay for Life, etc.)
  •      Awards and Recognitions that you have received (for example, Boy Scout or Girl Scout Gold Awards, Noble Knight Awards, etc.)


After I receive your form, please allow me two weeks to complete your letter.  I will then drop it off with your school counselor to send in with your applications.  I would really appreciate if you could stop in to tell me a simple thank you because each letter takes me quite a bit of time.  Good luck on your college search!


Mr. MacLaughlin