National Honor Society » Requirements


Membership in the Norwin National Honor Society is based upon scholarship, service,
leadership, and character. Candidates must have been in attendance for a period equivalent to two
consecutive academic years to be considered for inclusion. In order to qualify on the criterion of
“scholarship”, candidates will have a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 90% at the
conclusion of their sophomore year in all credit courses taken. A 69% or below in any subject
will disqualify students for consideration as a candidate.

Candidates who meet these academic requirements may seek membership by submitting an
application providing evidence of leadership experience, community service involvement and a
history of exemplary character. In addition to the completed application, candidates will submit
an essay responding to the exemplary character prompt provided in the application packet and
may be asked to participate in an interview with the selection committee. Applications will be
vetted by a panel of faculty and administration. Decisions of the committee will be final, but
candidates will have the opportunity to reapply at the conclusion of their Junior year.

Once inducted, a member may be placed on probation for one academic year for any of the
following standards:
● Receives a final course grade of 69% or below in any subject
● Cumulative Grade Point Average falls below 90% at the conclusion of Junior Year.
● Is suspended from school due to a disciplinary infraction
● Does not submit 15 hours of community service before the end of each academic year
If a member falls below two of these minimum standards or repeats an issue over more than one
academic year, they will be dismissed from the National Honor Society and will not be eligible
for readmission.