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3D Art

ART107       3D Art I                            Grades: 9-12                     Credits: 0.5
This introductory course will explore fundamental concepts of three-dimensional design using additive and subtractive methods for creating sculptures. Students will learn how to envision, plan, and create sculptural works in a variety of settings.
ART108       3D Art II                           Grades: 9-12                      Credits: 0.5
This course will allow students to expand their knowledge of materials, techniques, and approaches in three dimensional art through studio practices. Emphasis will be placed on complexity, craftsmanship, and visual expression using a variety of media.
ART109        3D Art III                         Grades: 9-12                       
In this advanced course students will further expand their knowledge in three dimensional design. Emphasis will be placed on technical and conceptual complexity, craftsmanship, and visual expression using a variety.
ART113         Advanced 3D Art            Grades: 11-12                      Credits: 1
This course is designed for those who have a serious interest in developing an indepth study of 3-D Art based on individual needs and goals. Students will select to work in 3D (Sulpture) and/or Clay depending on their prior experience and will design and
execute three art project each grading period.