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Welcome to Mrs. Voigt's German and Business Classes!
All classes will take place in room 135 in the Foreign Language hallway.
This school year's classes are:
German 3 (Periods 1 and 9)
German College in High School 1 (Period 2)
German College in High School 2 (Period 3)
Intro to Business (Periods 4 and 7)
Marketing Essentials (Period 8)
The after-school meetings of the German Club and the German National Honor Society will also take place in room 135.
724-861-3005 x3135
These are some of the events we participated in during the 2018-2019 school year:
German National Exam
Congratulations to the award recipients: Nick Hines, Grant Snyder, and Maddie Stanley!
Great job! We are very proud of you.
German Gateway Clipper Cruise on May 2, 2019
Beautiful weather, beautiful city, beautiful cruise ..... and lots of yummy German food!
3 Rivers German Day at Washington & Jefferson College, March 7, 2019

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Some events the German classes and the German Club participated in this school year!