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What is Science Challenge Squad (SCS)?

                SCS is the official ‘science club’ of the high school.  We seek out opportunities for fun and challenging science-related activities.  SCS is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in medicine, science, engineering, and technology. 


When does SCS meet?

This year, SCS will meet ‘officially’ normally once per week after school from 2:20-2:50 in room 204, which is also the room of Mr. Anticole: the SCS sponsor.  Currently we plan to meet on TUESDAYS this year.  Some meetings are general membership, some are specific for event preparation.  Smaller meetings are often set up at different times by SCS members for preparation for specific competitions or events. 


How do I know what is going on?

There will be occasional announcements on the PA during homeroom, but the best source of information is to use Google Classroom.  Sign up for the SCS Google Classroom using the code: jgznyb4


How do I become a member of SCS?

      Show up!  If you can’t be there, keep up to date via the Google Classroom. 

      Attendance is important, but it is also important to be well-rounded and participating in other activities or sports; we like to fight the stereotype of a ‘typical’ science kid.  However, if you are going to commit to trying out for either Science Bowl or Science Olympiad, Mr. Anticole does request that you set that as a priority and tailor your other commitments appropriately.  If we’ve never seen you before and you show up half-way through the year hoping to get a spot on a competitive team, the odds may not be in your favor.

      That said, there are LIMITED spots on both the Science Bowl and Science Olympiad teams, so there will likely be many talented kids who would like to participate who will not be able to.  More on the selection process for each as the time to choose gets closer!

SCS Officers

I. Anticole

Vice Presidents
L. Farroux
V. Hua
R. Navalgund
H. Jackson
SWENext Co-Chairs
A. Gardner
K. Smith
R. Testa
Minister of Irreproducible Results
T. Bill